Mastermind: Program Your Life


Do you really want to see change in your life? Make 2023 the year of change and reprogram your mind with this Mastermind Class! Following a series of 12 codes that work together, you can Program Your Life to the best life you can live. Consider your brain as the mechanism for change.  Your brain is the biological mechanism that facilitates all of your thoughts, actions and becomes the catalyst for change in all aspects of your life. Through this program we focus on fine-tuning this mechanism, so it functions its best, and in turn, you function your best.


This is a 12-month program where you will attend monthly group meetings with your instructor via Zoom. You will receive 2 emails each month and weekly text messages, to keep you motivated and on track. You will also have one scheduled one-on-one 30-minute phone call each month with your instructor.

As a group we will work together to remind, motivate, encourage, and hold one another accountable as we all share the same goal, to change and reshape the way we think so that we all can live our best life.

What you get in this 12-month program:

  • Your very own Mastermind 2023 Calendar (Your instructor will mail this to you)
  • Monthly Group Meetings via Zoom
  • 2 emails each month
  • Weekly text messages for reminders, motivation, and accountability
  • 1 scheduled one-on-one 30-min phone call each month with your instructor
  • The opportunity to affect real change in your life
Program Length

12 Months

Class Instructions

This group class is Training plus Coaching. You will meet with your instructor via Zoom, on the 2nd Monday of each month at 6PM CST. The first meetings is January 9th, 2023. During these sessions, your instructor will provide you with the necessary materials for completing any classwork.

After purchasing this class, your instructor will add you to the Zoom event and you will be notified via email with the dates, times, and links to access the monthly meetings. You will also be able to access these monthly meetings directly from your account, under my events.

In addition, we also strongly encourage everyone to take advantage of our FREE 30-min Discovery Call, prior to purchasing a class. During the Discovery Call we can help you to determine which class is right for you. Click Here to book your complimentary Discovery Call.


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