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Brain Systems Assessment

Know the Brain Systems that run your life! This free online assessment aids in determining which systems might be working too hard or not hard enough.

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Shop the Dr. Amen products we personally recommend. Keep in mind that we do receive commissions when you purchase products using the links below. However, this does not impact our recommendation of these products. We have chosen to share these products with you because, we believe in them and have first hand experience using them.

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Discovery Call

Follow the prompts to schedule your 30-Min Discovery Call, this call will be done over Zoom Meetings and you will receive a link, via email, to your scheduled meeting after booking is successful.

Assessment Review

Please, only request your Assessment Review AFTER you have purchased and completed an Assessment. If you request an appointment prior to having purchased an assessment, the requested appointment will be rejected.


Year of Change

Don’t Miss Out! Join us in 2023 and affect real change in your life. Learn and master scientifically proven techniques to improve the power and health of your brain in our group Mastermind: Program Your Life virtual class.

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