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Leadership & Development Coach

Maximize your mental power through timeless principles and cutting edge science with Dr. Tassha Faison...

As the Founder and Owner of Regal Lifestyle LLC, Tassha Faison has devoted her professional life to helping people unlock their hidden potential and turn their dreams into reality. Whether pursuing a more productive career, a more harmonious household, or just a general sense of well-being, Tassha’s clients have been known to see dramatic improvements in their quality of life.

Tassha brings a unique expertise on the brain to her practice. She is a Certified Neuroencoding Specialist and has studied Brain Training with the renowned Dr. Daniel Amen. Additionally, she is a Certified John Maxwell Coach, giving her a well-rounded approach that allows her to connect with clients from every walk of life.

Tassha’s passion for mental optimization has made her an integral part of countless lives. As one of the leading thinkers in her space, she is dedicated to staying at the forefront of modern neuroscience and developing strategies that lead to tangible results. Tassha looks forward to continuing to help individuals, families, and businesses discover the tools they need to prosper for years to come.

Tasha Faison, Founder and Coach at Your Regal Lifestyle Enterprises, LLC


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