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Take Control of Your Success with World-Class Leadership & Development Training






Leadership Training for Businesses & Organizations

Great leaders are more than born, they are shaped. With consistency and dedication, great leaders become the powerful driving force behind success. This is true in both business and life. Here at Regal Lifestyle we provide individuals and teams the tools and methods necessary to reach new heights of professional and personal growth.

Partnering with Regal Lifestyle

Not sure which coaching solution is right for you? No worries, I am here to help! My discovery process is designed to help pinpoint any unique challenges you, or your organization, might be facing and then identify the best solutions to help you meet your goals.

Phase 1
Discovery Call

An in-depth assessment, or discussion, to better understand you and/or your team, or organization's, needs and goals.

Phase 2
Tailored Plan

Comprehensive training plan, or coaching program, to help you and/or your organization meet your goals.

Phase 3
Partnership & Training

Coaching or training programs that help you to achieve growth and development in the areas assessed.

Leadership & Development Coaching

As a John Maxwell Certified Coach, a Neuroencoding Certified Specialist, and Licensed Brain Trainer with Dr. Amen I provide leadership and development training for Entrepreneurs, Business Executives, Leadership Teams, and Individuals. My coaching sessions are tailored to the individual, or groups, needs and goals. 

Before beginning any coaching program, a FREE 30-minute discovery call is required. This call enables me to better serve you and create an individualized coaching program to help you unlock your full potential.


Brain Power

Join the revolution and unlock the full power of your brain today! Here at Regal Lifestyle we utilize science and proven techniques to teach you how to improve the power and health of your brain. Ready to take back control and become the revolutionist of your mind? Sign up for a class or join one of our upcoming workshops to learn how.

About Me

Tassha Faison

Tassha travels all around the world engaging and teaching others about unlocking their minds true potential, to reach new heights of personal success. Through her travels she has had the opportunity to connect with various individuals and groups of people, from all different backgrounds, cultivating her interpersonal relationship skills. Rising from a simple and tenuous beginning, Tassha has learned and nurtured the techniques necessary to tap into her own true potential. Though not yet a millionaire, she is well on her way and has personally witnessed the growth in following the principles taught. She teaches these very same principles through workshops, retreats, seminars, webinars, private coaching sessions, and keynote speeches.

Tassha Faison

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